The Lunch Pail Defense concept developed by Defensive Coordinator Bud Foster has made the Virginia Tech Hokies legendary! Pulling from Bud Foster’s upbringing in the coal mining areas of Illinois, Foster chose the steel pail as a symbol of the blue collar working-mans ethic of the Hokie defensive team. The battered pail features the word WIN on the front, embodying Foster’s strategy for the game and for life:

“W-I-N  (Whats Important Now) To make change; to influence; to use this moment to be better than the last; to achieve greatness in all aspects of your life; win at home. Win at school. Win at business. Win at life.”

In the past, the box was filled with the defense’s mission statement, keys to success, and goals.  Over time players began adding turf and grass from playing fields where the Hokies reached victory.  Following the 2007 shooting at Virginia Tech the Lunch Pail held the names of the 32 victims and was carried into Lane Stadium for a home opener. Hokie fans around the world have since revered the Lunch Pail as a symbol of Virginia Tech spirit, dedication, and commitment to excellence.

The Application

Spring 2013 Deadline = must be postmarked by April 12, 2013 and we're not foolin' around!
- After downloading and completing the application, mail materials to:

Lunch Pail Defense Review Board
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About the Scholarship

The Lunch Pail Defense Foundation is committed to fulfilling its Scholarship Mission to award a need based academic scholarship to an eligible candidate that otherwise best meets the criteria as set forth in the Application materials below.

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