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Bud Foster has committed three decades of his life to the Virginia Tech football program and to the university, and now he has decided to commit more than just his football expertise, as the Virginia Tech Athletics Department announced in 2017 that the longtime defensive coordinator has agreed to commit $100,000 through the Lunch Pail Defense Foundation to endow a scholarship for athletics. The $100,000 pledge was completely fulfilled in 2019.

The scholarship – called “The Bud Foster Lunch Pail Defense Foundation Athletic Scholarship” – will be awarded annually to a football student-athlete, with preference given to a first-generation college student who embodies the LPDF motto to - W-I-N – to use this moment to be better than the last; to achieve greatness in all aspects of life.”

“It’s just a way for me to give back to the university and to a department that has been so good to me for 30-plus years,” Foster said. “We’ve had the Lunch Pail Defense Foundation for several years, and we created it for scholarship purposes for kids in the New River Valley and the Roanoke Valley. We just felt like, as we moved forward, with what the lunch pail is all about and what it means to the university and to the program … it felt like a no-brainer to get people involved and help endow a scholarship for the department and deserving student-athletes.

“There are so many coaches, administrators, fans and alums who are doing their part to help the Hokie Club and promote the Drive for 25. I just felt like it was time for us to jump in, too and do our part. Hopefully, it will inspire other Hokies to get involved at whatever level they can. We’re all in it together, as Coach Beamer used to say.”

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2019 Recipient Bio

Dax Hollifield

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“I have noticed since I’ve been at Virginia Tech that I am extremely lucky to have earned a scholarship. Unlike many others, I do not have to worry about the financial burden of receiving an education, and I am truly blessed and thankful for the support of others.

Thank you so much for supporting Virginia Tech student-athletes. You are truly the reason we are able to compete at such a high level athletically and achieve in the classroom. Your support allows us to live out our dreams and supports our family’s lives immensely.” - Dax Hollifield